Innovation Showcase

Welcome to the HAPPI Innovation Showcase! Here you can discover some of the innovative solutions for healthy ageing that have been submitted to the HAPPI platform.

Technology or service providers from any EU countries are welcome to submit their innovation via the HAPPI Platform page.

As an optional part of their submission to HAPPI, suppliers have agreed to share information with the general public in order to enhance the visibility of their innovations.
For more information on these products and services, visit their website via the link on each article.

Prime Electric Extended Stay Patient Trolley

Patient handling activities are among the leading causes of low back injury to nurses in hospital settings (Stubbs and Buckle 1984). Prime Electric is designed to help reduce awkward body positions that can lead to injury by incorporating electric functionality. Electric controls on the siderail give the patient control of their own comfort resulting in fewer interruptions to the caregiver. The electric lift option on the base enables caregivers to raise the stretcher with minimal effort.

Prime TC Patient Transport Chair

Prime TC Transport Chair marries intuitive operation with BackSmart ergonomics to deliver a seated transport chair that improves the patient journey, promotes caregiver safety and elevates the perception of organizations’ quality and standard of care. Designed in partnership with world-renowned architect and designer Michael Graves and his award-winning Design Group the Prime Transport Chair’s open and welcoming design visually communicates cleanliness, healing, and an enhanced level of care.

Prime X X Ray Patient Trolley

Prime X X Ray Patient TrolleyDesigned in conjunction with caregivers, Prime X combines the requirements of multiple departments – from Emergency to X-Ray to Portering within a single platform, helping provide a continuum of care with minimal disruption. Stryker Prime X is designed to ensure caregiver safety and efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. The dual-deck design, incorporating ClearView Technology provides 360 degree access with near-table x-ray image quality, reducing the need to transfer.

More information >>>

Prime Zoom Motorized Patient Trolley

Prime Zoom Motorized Patient TrolleyIncreasing nursing shortage and heavier patient populations have left caregivers overworked. Improving efficiency in a hospital has become really crucial. One component to improving hospital efficiency is patient flow. Taking this need into account, Stryker set about to provide a mobility solution that would increase efficiencies by minimizing transport duration. Applying advanced engineering practices alongside biomechanical science, Stryker developed the Zoom® Motorized Drive System. Zoom is designed to virtually eliminate the strenuous pushing and pulling during the transport of heavy patients, which can often increase patient transport times or require additional caregiver support.

More information >>>

Power-LOAD with Power-PRO XT

The Power-LOAD with Power-PRO XT system is designed to virtually eliminate the effort of loading and unloading into an ambulance as well as lifting and lowering of cot with and without a patient. The Power-LOAD system loads and unloads the cot into the ambulance by simply pressing a button which reduces spinal loads and the risk of cumulative trauma injuries. The Power-LOAD with Power-PRO XT system improves operator and patient safety.


BiotechwareBiotechware develops cloud technology solutions for the telemedicine market in Italy and Europe: with an integrated cloud solution for diagnostic ECG including a portable device, CardioPAD PRO for recording and transmitting electrocardiograms from remote sites, a cloud platform for medical data management accessible using a web browser and a service of qualified reporting ECGs. Our Vision is to build a Lab-in-a-box to provide Pharmacies and other Points of Acquisition a tool to provide professional medical services.


We propose a cognitive stimulation program, playful on touch pad, dedicated to seniors.

This program is fun and culture, plus it will not put seniors in default.

There are numerous games: puzzle of famous paintings commented, cultural quizzes, daily new text and a new poem literature, music quiz, ....
We provide a web platform for steering and monitoring of active aging, which allows you to anticipate or monitor cognitive decline, even remotely.

The web platform is mostly used by health professionals to follow their patients, or by the family.

Today, our application is marketed in clinics and hospitals, nursing and retirement homes, and in day care

Innovative non-invasive glaucoma treatment

This treatment can be administered on an outpatient basis and is performed under local anesthesia.
The patient simply lies down close to the control module and a disposable therapy device is placed on the globe of the eyeball.
The therapeutic phase of the procedure is very short and it will probably be possible,later on, to perform it outside the operating theatre in, for example, an examination room or medical consulting rooms.


The SWiNGMED device is world's newest innovation in back pain treatment that may reduce peoples back pain succesfully and lower treatment costs. The therapy comprises three stages:
Lifting of the pelvis
Lifting of the torso while the shoulders remain in contact with the mattress underneath (up to 5 minutes)
Free hanging position (up to 5 minutes)

Music Care - Music Therapy for all

MUSIC CARE is a music therapy solution for the personalised management of pain and its related components: anxiety, stress and depression. Patients listen to music therapy sessions composed accordingly to a scientific protocol, sessions are accessible via any computer. Its sensory, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social effects have been demonstrated during numerous scientific studies. MUSIC CARE allows care teams trained in the technique to prescribe a personalised programme for each patient, who can pursue the treatment at home via


Nursecall system

Alphatronics Alpheus carecall system is designed to have an efficient follow up of the care call by the caregiver.
The carecall system consists of several modular elements:

  • Call buttons: for caretaker to call for help
  • Portable sending device (bracelet/necklace)/ automatic through fall detection
  • Door module (Hermes) including access control + follow up LEDs
  • Follow up software on bed terminal/PC
  • Receiver application on Android for use on smartphone

Limmex Emergency Watch

With the Limmex Emergency Watch, you can request assistance at the push of a button. The watch's integrated GSM module, loudspeaker and microphone enable the wearer to directly speak to the person(s) selected in case of an emergency. The watch wearer chooses which phone numbers are called: private persons and/or an emergency call centre. Up to 10 contact numbers can be stored which will be called one after the other until someone answers. The wearer can choose from more than ten watch designs.

CUCA the headdress

The Company Waldner-Klebl OG. is a young, start-up Company to help people with sensitive scalp to give them a better feeling!

Our product, named CUCA, is a headdress for people who have atopic dermatitis, skin irritation or people who have to do a chemotherapy.

  • Sudoriferous
  • Especially are the seam
  • Breathable
  • Certified atopy
  • Changeable

Our desire is to help people, too give them a better feeling. If they carry our CUCA at home, in their business or during the sport, CUCA is an allrounder to help people.

Voluntis e-Geropass

At the forefront of the medical and digital revolutions, Voluntis is a pioneer of companion software. Since 2001, Voluntis has been innovating healthcare solutions by embedding connectivity in therapeutics and medical intelligence in software. Voluntis designs state-of-the-art solutions for specific conditions in order to enable treatment personalization, support care coordination, and deliver improved real-life outcomes. Voluntis is active in several therapeutic areas, including diabetes, anticoagulation, hemophilia and respiratory. Patient-centered and passionate about innovation, Voluntis teams combine a unique range of expertise encompassing clinical algorithm, regulatory and medical, web and mobile technologies, device interoperability.

Incontinence products

INDAS is the largest Spanish manufacturer of sanitary products and leading manufacturer of adult incontinence products delivering institutional, at home and retail markets.

Splint for Fractured Neck of Femur

Canard Design is a product engineering company specialising in product design and prototype development.

We tailor our creativity, experience and expertise to investigate product ideas, generate and develop product designs, produce prototypes and support our clients through the manufacturing process.

We do this whilst minimising the products material usage and manufacturing costs, to create profitable solutions.

Safebed Cloud

Safebed cloud is a monitoring and nursing call system for senior citizens who live alone or in assisted living facilities. It makes it easy to monitor the rest, activity and well-being of residents. This cloud-based system can be used with browsers of the most common smartphones, tablet PCs and computers.


Cogknow DayNavigator

Cogknow DayNavigator addresses high priority unmet needs for people with mild dementia and their carers - remembering, performing daily activities, maintaining social contacts, and feeling secure. It is a touchscreen device adapted to the special usability needs of persons with dementia. It can be highly personalised with respect to the changing needs of people with dementia.

Cogknow helps persons with mild dementia live independently for longer, in their own homes and provides relief for family and other informal carers. It reduces the society costs for providing home care and delays more costly interventions. Cogknow DayNavigator has been evaluated in a 42 users pilot trial.

 Cogknow will launch on the market 2014.

Innovative stress-monitoring device for wellness and healthy aging

While psychological stress has been described as the "curse of the 21st century", no direct objective point-of-care (POC) stress test exists. We are developing the Leukocyte CopingCapacity™ (LCC) system to address this serious unmet clinical need. This is an innovative diagnostics platform technology that uses the rapid in vitro assessment of neutrophil functionality from a fingerstick of blood to provide a clinical correlate of stress, essentially looking at an individual's ability to cope. This will be used ny occupational health specialists, pharmacies, GPs, and to monitor PTSD in the military.

Tinteo TEO Personal amplifier for better communication

TEO personal amplifier is the perfect solution to improve your hearing comfort, participate in conversations or watch television at your own volume.

It amplifies soft sounds while protecting you from loud noises. Its digital sound processing delivers high-fidelity sound. For better understanding, it increases voices clarity and reduces unwanted noise. Two sound environments: calm or noisy.

It is not a hearing aid but one can plug a neckloop to hear the sound ou use the provided earphones.

 User-friendly, light weight, the TEO personal amplifier will follow you in all the activities when you want to hear better : at the doctor, in family meetings, at work.

Pyjamas for old or disabled people

T.E.M.A. CONFEZIONI is a company that manufactures, only in ITALY, a wide range of underwear and clothing items and, in particular, health-care products and health-garments.
-Items for rehab and for the elderly (tracksuits, trousers)-Items for people with disabilities (pyjamas, one-piece tracksuits with zips, trousers, underwear, t-shirts)--Nightwear – special fits from sizes XXS to XXXL (pyjamas, nightdresses, men’s/women’s nightgowns)-Items for mild incontinence (pants, panties)-Post-operative items (underwear, belts, body suits, corsets).In our website it is possible to look at all the previously indicated lines and correlated products.



Human Behaviour Smartphone Data Collection Tool

We have developed an online drag-and-drop experiment writer. Any researcher can, in a few minutes on a PC write an experiment on our website which can be run on any Android smartphone. The researcher can create an experiment (of an infinite number of varieties) that can be triggered at any time or place the researcher wishes it to be triggered. The researcher creates the experiment and receives an ID for the experiment. We have a single App which is free and it runs any experiment just by typing in the experiment ID into the opening window.

Rehabilitation - Physiotherapy

T.E.M.A. CONFEZIONI is a company that manufactures, only in ITALY, a wide range of underwear and clothing items and, in particular, health-care products and health-garments. -Items for rehab and for the elderly (tracksuits, trousers)
 -Items for people with disabilities (pyjamas, one-piece tracksuits with zips, trousers, underwear, t-shirts).
 In our website it is possible to look at all the previously indicated lines and correlated products. The site has been created with the intention to supply you with a virtual “catalogue” of all our production

zydadoc mobile telecare system

zydadoc mobile telecare system for earlier releasing of patients from the hospital and monitoring vital data in the patients home.

HomePod - Long Term Condition monitoring with telehealth

HomePod is a telehealth monitoring system for the management of long term conditions at home. The system enables patients to take their own tests using the touchscreen and integrated medical devices and to answer health questions on a regular basis. The data is transmitted via the mobile network to the Clinical User Interface which is reviewable immediately.

Dry Water Massage System

Dry Watermassage with WELLSYSTEM Wellsystem Relax plus and Medical plus meet these demands: Massage at the press of a button, available at any time or wellness for "in-between", which rapidly and simply achieves the desired effect. Wellsystem Hydro Jets represent pure relaxation for body and soul.

Their beneficial effect is attributable to the unique combination of water, warmth and energy. The warmth of the water penetrates deep into the tissue layers - stimulating the circulation and metabolism, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.

The entire body benefits from the carefully controlled power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry water surface.

LIFTKAR PT stairclimber for mobility

LIFTKAR PT stairclimbers are portable transport devices.
These are operator-driven, electrically powered and enable ergonomical transport of persons up to 160 kg over stairs.
The benefit for the transported person: safety and increased mobility
The benefit for the operator: ergonomical and safe transport

There are models with seats for persons with reduced mobility and models to take up wheelchair users, sitting in their own chair.
LIFTKAR PT can be used over stairs and level ground, indoor and outdoor.

Just Checking

Just Checking is an activity monitoring system which helps older people with memory problems, who live alone to be supported in their own home, postponing residential care.

VASEMA dermaMeter professional 100

The products of VASEMA meet the highest professional standards and are used to detect the health of the skin. With the product family dermaMeter® we offer products based on the patented VASEMA sensor that meet customer needs and are certified according to the Law on medical devices.
With the dermaMeter® it is now possible to measure objectively the condition of the skin.
The dermaMeter® is characterised by reliability, objectivity, speed, hygiene and ease of use and is under the strict criteria of medical certification.


A new assistive technology product enabling families and carers to unobtrusively monitor the daily activities of independent people who are considered to be at risk. Simpalarm is not a substitute for human contact, but a means of allowing independence and peace of mind to coexist. As the average age of our population increases, there is a growing requirement to enable people to live for longer in their own home. Irrespective of the cost and availability of residential care, for many older people it is preferable to be able to remain in the comfort and familiar environment of their own accommodation. Thankfully, advancements in technology and assisted living equipment is making it more feasible for this to happen safely.


BePATIENT offers an e-health patient centric platform which provides a global, personalised and participative approach to both patients and healthcare providers:

What we do?

  • We Design patients centric e-Health solutions to improve patients care and reduce healthcare costs
  • We Support patients who have chronic conditions by helping them becoming independent
  • We Provide a web based platform allowing Remote Monitoring & Customised Disease Management programs
  • We Provide solutions for Patient Data Analysis dedicated to healthcare professionals

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



CnC Bedside Terminal

Care and Comfort has developed unique bedside terminals solutions bringing, at the bedside of the patient in the hospital room, the upmost of infotainment and educational programs to patients as well as access to medical applications for doctors and nurses. Thanks to Microsoft based technologies, CnC solutions are easy to implement and deploy by IT teams and allow high level of customization (language, types of services...) and profiling (per medical department, per patient origin or pathology...). CnC solutions are at the disposal of hospitals at no cost when they used to bill the patient for TV or at a 3 years ROI when financed by the hospitals. Thanks to partnership with integrators, Care and Comfort proposes several financing options to hospitals to better fit their economic context.

Health self-management software platform

uMotif digital health self-management software platform. Mobile and web apps to help patient self-management and use of data to enhance clinician shared decision making. Beautifully designed and engaging tools for use in Primary and Secondary care for Long Term Condition management, Post-Operative Care and Assisted Living.

Aiartex Mattress Overlay

Aiartex® is a knitted 3D, volumetric, elastic, mattress overlay. Its particular structure guarantees micro-ventilation. It can distribute the weight of a human body. For its unique characteristics, Aiartex® prevents bed sores and has been found effective in the treatment of early stage bed sores. Clinical results demonstrate a reduction in healing time, reduction of exudate and enhanced patient comfort. Aiartex® gives economic savings both reducing the numbers of bed sores to treat and improving the performance of antidecubitus mattresses. Aiartex® increases comfort and mobility, is easy to use, to handle, extremely light and noiseless.

Aiartex®  does not require a power supply.

Techmaflex Extreme

Techmaflex Extreme is a superior PU coating, ideal for mattress covers.

It enhances the durability, delays aging and increases the resistance to chlorine-based disinfection agents (up to 13% solution).

Superior product + economical benefit = an exceptional combination

Ombistocking - Compressive Stocking Donning Device

Ombistocking is a new donning device for elastic compressive socks.

Aiming at health professional's needs, the first product line will save time and improve sanitary conditions while reducing the penibility of the donning (potential source of Musculoskeletal Disorders). With Ombistocking, putting on compressive socks will not be an obstacle anymore what will improve the relation between the dependent elderly person and the care givers during that private moment.

Belovia won the Charles Foix Award 2013 with Ombistocking and joined the Silver Valley cluster.

Ombistocking Information - English
Ombistocking Information - French    



Nouvel outil de soin : améliore les soins et change le quotidien des patients.
Protection - pansement secondaire avec performances inédites.
Protection 100% étanche qui permet de protéger dans la durée, sans encoller et de façon sur mesure.
Réponse problématique de tenue / souillure (Escarres sacrées, plaies
Réponse aux problématiques de taille /position (Ulcères, escarres…)

  • Cicatrisation favorisée (maintient)
  • Economie des soins primaires (gain)

Réponse problématique d’Hygiène (Post-op, Plaies, cathéters)

  • Cicatrisation plus sûre et rapide (pas de macération)
  • Quotidien plus agréable, confort (autonomie) Secuderm protège le temps désiré pour que votre soin soit libère le patient (douche, bain)

Toshiba solutions

Touch TV-computer use by your patient as he wants: touchscreen, keyboard/mouse, digital pen + all news from your hospital or medical/social services (coordination system) + simplified interface & skype, medical file of the patient + his personal & family notes & access to websites with simple screens to read and use. Friendly, Toshiba Social Link accompanies every kind of user elderly, disabled...Ready to use in Hospital or at home. On demand security & automation packs can be added & controlled.

New innovative vital sensor engine by Toshiba can be added to monitor ECG, Pulse, Body temperature and movement.



abotic Assistant James

The abotic door automation is installed in a few minutes with no structural changes or any damage on the door. It can be used flexible at any door you want. Interior doors, room doors, office doors wether in your home, in the office or in nursing homes can get barrier-free without damage in just a few minutes. The electric door operation for swing doors not only ensures accessibility. With the abotic door automation, the doors become hygienic without touching the door knob - opens and closes. abotic door automation systems give you the freedom to automate any door at any time. Just press the ON button and your door is automated. Further manual adjustments are not necessary.

robuWALKER, my robot walker

robuWALKER is a prototype of a robotized walker to help stand up, sit down and walk, giving more independence to handicapped and dependent persons, as well as saving time for caregivers.

More information >>> is a free intergenerational social mediation platform, allowing users challenged by usability digital divide to benefit from the advantages of the digital world and to age-well at home. Hakisa offers therefore a web solidarity innovative cloud-based platform for seniors, caregivers, families and home and health care providers accessible from any connected device. While promoting social link, emotional and lively interactions which are prerequisite for well-being and care of the elderly, it also provides access to healthcare, home automation and teleassistance applications for patients. will offer to the Silver Economy businesses dedicated and branded user accounts for a minimum fee (2€/month/user).

Neurocare 1000/4p

The Neurocare 1000/4p is designed to provide a uniquely effective form of muscle stimulation therapy. Its electronic design combines high voltage with very low current thus giving completely pain free muscle involvement. By replicating exercise it is used  in both preventing and treating debilitating conditions affecting muscles and joints.The therapy is clinically proven in  most applications, particularly in wound healing and in rehabilitation after traumatic accident or joint surgery. It relieves pain by treating causal factors. It is safe, non –intrusive, inexpensive,and comfortable for the patient. In an ageing population it will help to maintain the muscle and joint functions essential to continuing mobility and self-sufficiency.

GPS Safer Walking and Fall Detection belt

CareWhere are a UK technology and product development company. We take complex GPS and telecommunication technology and create practical products and solutions for everyday use. Our patented devices are being used in numerous international research projects as well as by the Military, Police, Fire, Search and Rescue and Local Authorities in the UK and elsewhere.

Our Safer Walking and Fall Detection belt is a unique form of this type of system. It will notify carers if it is on or has been removed and communicates everything directly to the carers phone or email address.

Non-intrusive, discreet and comfortable to wear, it is being used by men women and children.

Chelino vario - chair with lifting device

Chelino is the first chair with a lifting device that enables sitting down and standing up without exertion and does not require any power supply.

Speech Code - information for All

Speech Code is a new technology to easily make any text audible: Text is converted into a coloured data code that contains the entire text within the code. With a free smartphone app the code is scanned (no internet access required) and then read out with 100 % accuracy and shown also on the display.

Due to the offline scan data accuracy and data privacy of the patient/consumer is guaranteed.

The patented ScanGuidance facilitates the autonomous access even for blind people.

Y-STRUT - hip fracture prevention

There are more than 2 million hip fractures annually in Europe and North America. This number is set to increase to well over 6 Million in 2050 due to the growing and aging of the population. 5 years after a first fracture, the risk to fracture the second hip rises to 20%. After a second contra-lateral fracture, there is a high risk of losing autonomy and mortality is multiplied by 2. Consequently, the prevention of the hip fractures is important for the safeguarding of the autonomy and the quality of life of persons at risk.

That is why HyPrevention created Y-STRUT an implant which prevents hip fracture.

Kompaï, my robot companion

Helps dependent persons staying longer and safer at home, while reducing long-term care costs.

More information

Vivago – a unique telecare and eHealth solution

Vivago provides smart safety and well-being solutions both for home users and institutions.

Our solution represents a significant innovation on traditional social alarm products. Vivago watch continuously measures physiological signs and calls automatically for help even when the user can't do it him or herself (e.g. in case of hypothermia or unconsciousness).

Vivago's solutions are based on patented technology, which allows us to offer unique solutions for custom needs. The solutions can cover nurse call systems, automatic alarm system, wandering detection and continuous well-being monitoring (sleep or activity).

The product has received many international awards.

SmartCells® Fall Protection Technology Solution

SmartCells® bedside fall protection mats and flooring provide the security of being there when you can't be to reduce the likelihood of fall-related injuries. The SmartCells® patented, dual-stiffness structure:
Function like springs that soften under impact while at the same time providing stability for balance-impaired persons and care-givers.
Improves control of infection—will not absorb liquid
8 Year Warranty on mats, or match warranty of surface material

Smart Connected Devices that Keep you Active and Healthy

Withings creates smart products and apps to take care of yourself and your loved ones in a new and easy way.

By extending the capabilities of an object through network resources, Withings provides access to infinite computing and storage facilities at no extra cost, turning objects into smart connected devices. Since 2009, Withings has extended those benefits to a wide range of lifestyle-friendly devices. By using mobile phones and computers as bridges and opening up its platform to the well-being ecosystem, Withings now works seamlessly with over 100 partner apps and devices, providing users with a whole new dimension to their day-to-day life.


A touchpad + a universal infrared receiver/transmitter.

A simple and intuitive customizable software. Pictograms associated to a choice of functions: vocal synthesis, software application, Internet link, Music, Infrared signal for home automation.

You can access to pictograms by the touchscreen, by voice (vocal recognition), without contact by head movement analyzed by image processing (Head Pilot), by a switch interacting with the sequential mode.

That is PICTOCOM. A communication and environment control solution for everybody.


Ordissimo defines itself as an easy to use computer for all Beginners. With 60 000 customers, it is the number 1 computer dedicated for Seniors in the world.

Ordissimo is a combo "Hardware + Operating System" which guarantees simple and complete use and ensures total security.

Ordissimo offers a full range of computers: Touchscreens, laptops and tablets.

Ordissimo wants to become the benchmark brand for being the ''easy-to-use computer'' dedicated to those who prefer the ease of use over the more technical computers. The company is now quickly growing, and creating partnerships with many companies (Toshiba, HP, MSI, etc...).


The SCAP Integrated HPLC LC/MS Front-End is designed to blaze the trail for routine use of LC/MS in the clinical routine laboratory. With personalised medicine on the rise, drug monitoring using the accurate LC/MS technology has to get ready for the routine diagnostic lab by eliminating all complex and error prone manual operation. Integrated modules for on-line liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), solid phase extraction (SPE) and on-line extraction of dried blood spots (DBS) are provided. The novel Zirconium syringe pumps enable very accurate gradients for HPLC and U(H)PLC columns with inner diameters of 2.1 mm to 150 μm, supporting up to 1000 bar backpressures, and can be completely automated for efficient routine applications.

Award winning device to stop injuries

Attention all those caring for people at home or in a care location. Moving a seated person to and from a table is an injury risk to the carer at mealtimes. This is a common problem that has now been solved by the millie-mova system. This is a kit that can be installed on any dining chair. Once fitted it makes it very easy and therefore safe for a carer to move a seated person to and from a table. It does not compromise the stability of the unoccupied chair. It will make the chair and flooring last much longer. For the client it makes mealtimes safer and more dignified. All this and it costs less than €50 retail.


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