Treadmill for rehabilitation and analysis of walking disorders


Initially developed for stroke patients, The C-Mill by Forcelink is meant for all the people who need gait training and rehabilitation. Thanks to visual and acoustic cues, it can evaluate impaired gait and help the patient recover. Its software, associated with Cue-fors® can automatically evaluate all the gait parameters of a patient, which makes it possible to set up comparisons to provide customized improvement sessions.



The C-Mill treadmill is equipped with a projector and an embedded force platform. Thanks to these instruments, the therapist can assess the gait pattern of a patient (step length, width, asymmetry and pace) as a series of stepping stones is projected on the treadmill.


To train to avoid obstacles, the therapist starts with measuring the current footfall positions of the patient, to predict his future footfall positions.
With the remote control the difficulty of the obstacle can be varied so the patient has to adjust their steps.


  • A disruptive technology that puts together on the treadmill a whole laboratory and training centre.
  • A physical and sensory re-education to regain all walking abilities.


  • A timesaving device thanks to protocols of an exible optimization as there is no need to attach markers or wires to the patient.


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