Walking course for preventing falls and maintaining independence

Balance workshops for falls prevention, DM3® gait training for the elderly was developed by a physiotherapist to maintain and stimulate the motor functions of the people over the age of sixty. It is part of a healthcare project originating in nursing homes especially those specialising in care of Alzheimer’s patients.



Loss of autonomy is often due to falls. Once a person has fallen he or she feels more vulnerable. The person leaves home less frequently and reduces his or her range of activities. This limitation make it more likely for the person to fall. The DM3® get up
and walk system for the elderly adapts itself to the abilities of each user to break this cycle and regain confidence and autonomy.


The three walking routines and the different accessories that constitute the DM3® make it possible to train:

  • Physiological walking. Practise step length and height, the loss of balance forward and joint flexibility.
  • Reflexes to find your balance back. Practise reflexes of postural adaptation, axial synergies, hip and ankle flexibility.
  • Proprioceptive practice by favouring automatic adjustment of the foot to the various types of ground.
  • Self-confidence. Rediscover the pleasure of walking without the fear of falling.


  • An integrated and compact solution
  • A walking routine that can be used all year long, easy to set up and stow away
  • A scoring book for each walker to develop comparisons and effective techniques
  • Optional training modules protocols with e-learning or classroom training.


  • Equipment that can be used by multidisciplinary staff :
    > Physiotherapists
    > Occupational therapists
    > Psycho-motor therapists
    > Adapted physical activity specialists
  • A tool to stimulate group activity, motivate its users and reinforce communication and relationships within a group. Clinical evaluation supports the development of this product.


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