Fall detection and alert system

By associating an optical sensor to software, the patented VAC system can detect any type of falls or loss of consciousness and then alert a telephone exchange or a mobile phone, via a mail or a text message accompanied with a photo. Immediate communication can be established thanks to a bidirectional mike/ front and rear mike.



The VAC system is almost 100% reliable. Thanks to its very low rate of false detections, there is no need to resort to any monitoring services or specialized service providers. As there is no need for an intermediary, assistance if required, can be provided more quickly.


The resident is totally free to move, as he or she likes. There is no need to carry either a necklace or a bracelet or to have access to an alert button, which is sometimes out of reach.
For ethical reasons, all the video images are blurred: only the falls and losses of consciousness can be detected. Only relatives and staff members of a specialized service as designated by the customer can have access to the images.


  • A technological breakthrough that replaces current systems. 24 hours availability at a cost effective rate.


  • The system was developed to respond to the needs of care providers
  • Optimised following feedback gathered after pilot testing
  • Security improved
  • Privacy retained


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